Saturday, May 12, 2007

Analysis Of The German Trip To Egypt

Hello ... to all egyptions & germans
In arabic ... " alslamo alikom "

There is the analysis & statement of the german trip to egypt :

the german group arrived to egypt in 09-03-2007 at night
the german group left from egypt in 25-03-2007 in the morning
the german group spent 384 hours in the egyption land

the german group met the egyption group in 10-03-2007 at night
the german group left the egyption group in 24-03-2007 at night too
the german group spent 336 hours with the egyption group
truly the german group spent with the egyption group only 182 hours ,& the other 154 hours for sleeping & eating time

( i've to be sorry for wasting all this hours in sleeping & eating )
in next time i'll not sleep or eat ... ;)

from that time that the german group have left the egyption group till now it is 50 days 1200 hours
1200 hours of missing the german group

this is the end of this report
& in the end ... we hope to see u soooon germans ... :)