Saturday, March 31, 2007

we got some pictures

وترقبوا المزيد
entgegenfiebern Zuviel

Thursday, March 29, 2007

yeeehaaaa ... :)

wellcome back again
we have meeting in hands tomorow friday after we pray elgom3a ... ok
hope to see u all there ... :)
bokra ... isa ... b3d salat elgom3a hnt2abel fe hands ... ok
y3ny nshoof b3d "asloko w7shtony awy" wkol ely m3ah sewar lelworkshop ygbha m3ah 3shan ntbadel elsewar ... ok
wnfker fe souvenirs momken nb3tha lelgroup el2lmany ... :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007



How about a photography competition!!!!!!!, each one sends just one photo that he/ she took during our workshop (either in Cairo, Alexandria or Siwa) and considers it to be the best picture he /she took.

i feel that my life ended with this two weeks ..........

ana 3ayz aroo7 almania ... :(
i want to go to germany ... :(
ana mftakdhom moooooot
really missed them all

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thank You too ! :(

Al salam alekom
that picture was the beginning....
and the below postes was the end feelings....
Thank u.... thank u for every momment the smil draw in our faces
Thank u for every information we gained
thank u for all the time we got togeather....
i returned to my home .... cryed... lost... sad.. upset... no that was not the feeling...i dont know what is that feeling!!! ... do u know when some one love some thing in less than one week?!! and suddenly that thing took from u....its hard !! i dont know. i went to home and i felt some thing stolen from me... slept and woke up... telling my familly all the stories i did...and how much Dear Dr.Heba tired at that three weeks
thank u Dr.Heba for every thing u did.. my mother pray for u so so much... May ALLAH bless u
and i told them every thing i did and every one with its chracter even u Fransezka when u Always smile .. and Loura when she sed OOOOOHHH.... NOR el Hoda when she say Fokak meni ... and Adji when he call Trong... and u trong when u was discuss any thing... and the Butterfly which always quite..Julia the lovley face.. Lissa and the smoke.. Jessica and her feelings Jouhaness and his Wisdome..Janen ren and every body... i dont wanna forgot some one....Oh ofcurse ISLAM ADEL AND SHADI AND AZA my parent pray for u alot take care of ur selfs ...and every one with his doings... Oh ALLAH i miss u ALL.... Noha i missd ur tears that time.. but i know u ..always have a clear great heart...
have a lot to say.. but i cant express... sorry for my english...i dont know why now my eyes full of tears.... please all... just take care and

Islam Adel,Aza Alkadi,Amani Badr,Laura Blaufuss,Sophia Garbe,Janine Ghali,Franziska Hartmann,Nurol Hoda Hashemi,Enaam Jarjis,Doris Hegger,Johannes Hegger
Prof. Manfred Hegger,Julia Jorns,Carolin-Tess Kallepally,Jessica Lahmann,Elham Massuod,Lisa Menje,Franciscus Xaverius Priadji,Se-Rin Shin,Sabine Stark,Lei Tao,Phuoc Trung Tran,Schady Zahran,Alma Zi
Yours Mahmoud Salman
not salem Jessica


Alslamo alikom!
Thank you so much for this nice blog.
I am really happy that now we have platform to talk to each other and exchange our picutres. Yesterday I showed my fotos to my family, they all were very jealous!! It took me more than 1 and a half hour to show all pictures to them! Because of that I rememberd all the trip again.
I really want to thank all of you for that expearience.
And of course, I hope to see you again as soon as possible!
Yours, Jessica
(About this picture I laughed most, I was really scared when the camel removed from the ground! :-))

Monday, March 26, 2007

Alexandria Saturday 17-3-2007

Working in groups - Hands

Alexandria Friday 16-3-2007

Tour, fishermen village-Elmex district(introduction to area and people)

Alexandria Thursday 15-3-2007

  • Lecture at faculty of fine arts
  • The fishermen village-elmex
  • Lecture by prof. Hegger on "Sustainable Archietcture in Germany" in Bibloteca Alexandrina

Belbeis Wednesday 14-3-2007

  • Building with rammed earth
  • Sekem Farm

Cairo Tuesday 13-3-2007

  • Building research center
  • The Citadle
  • Old Cairo (koptic cairo- Amr ibn el 3as mosque)

I miss you,

I miss you,
It is over ….our days together is over with all the joy we had, I can not make you guys out of my mind , today and the day before all I talked about is you .
Before I went to sleep I begin to remember seeing the stars with Sara and Julia, my short conversation with Trong ,listening to Firus with Heba, every details I had with you I keep it in heart and I will never forget because it is one of my best days ever and I have a hope to see you again, if only I can freeze this time and make it last forever but not all we want ,we take
These days makes me more and more closer from many people not from the German group only but also from my colleagues like Sara and Heba although it makes me faraway from people I thought they were my friends.
I want to thank all of you and my beloved prof.Heba (I feel as you one of my friends…my closer friends)
I feel sorry because I did not have much time to know all you better, Thank you Julia for give a chance to be your friend and I miss your camera Ashi
( I am sorry if there something wrong in the spelling of names)

Cairo Monday 12-3-2007

  • Sehimi house
  • Wekalet kharoub
  • El Cretelia house
  • Ibn Tolon mosque
  • Sultan Hassan mosque
  • El Azhar Park

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'll miss YOU!

The trip is over in Egypt. I can't express all what I've felt through this wonderful time, I can only say that I've enjoyed it to the most. The German students and students studying there from alot of other countries were really great, working with them in El-max area and just hanging out with them in all of those places we visited was such a beautiful experience I'm really looking forward to repeat again.
I hope that each one of the group writes his own experience either in a post or in a comment which I will publish in a seperate post with his name titled, the e-mails of the whole group is already written i guess, as soon as I get them I will invite all to join this blog. Amani talked about a project where we can all contribute by a drawing, a text or anything else to document this trip, I hope that all of this would be avaliable in posts like this on this blog.
I'd like to thank Prof. Heba and Assistant (PhD Student) Amani for organizing this trip, really appreciated, Thanks to Prof. Heggar for his advices and for his wonderful lecture at the BA. Thanks to Laura and Franziska for their amazing presentation about the beautiful city of Darmstadt which I wanna visit along with alot of other places in Germany in the future, I hope so :). And a big thanks to all of the group for being so friendly, cheerful all of the time and for all the things we've done together here in Egypt.

Picture above by: Julia in:Sekem Farm

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cairo Sunday 11-3-2007

  • New and Renwable Energy Authority: A lecture and a tour in the building
  • Mansheit Naser: Visited a community development center
  • Samaan Monestary
  • Boat trip in the Nile

Friday, March 09, 2007

Brochure of the workshop

The germans has prepared a brochure for the trip and u can download it from the following link
Its is on A4 paper which should be cut by half to fit in A5 size
السلام عليكم
بالسوال عن دار الاشارة بالقاهرة يمكن المبيت بها للمدنيت بسعر 50 جنيه للليلة
وهل من جديد بخصوص تاجير شقة بالقاهرة
جارى البحث!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

sherif elzoghby

salamu 3alikom...I`m so happy to be one of this workshop,and i feel that we will achieve something we proud of isa

Monday, March 05, 2007


hey everyone...
just wanted to say how glad i am for being in this workshop group....
i believe we'll have so much fun...

visit to elmax in 22-02-2007

alslamo 3likom
ahln bekom gme3n men tany
dy sewar ziaret elmax yoom el7'amees 22-02-2007
kan yoom lazeez bas 2sw2 7aga feh eny la2eet elcamera byza
bas elmkan henak gameel gdan isa hy3gbkom awy