Thursday, March 29, 2007

yeeehaaaa ... :)

wellcome back again
we have meeting in hands tomorow friday after we pray elgom3a ... ok
hope to see u all there ... :)
bokra ... isa ... b3d salat elgom3a hnt2abel fe hands ... ok
y3ny nshoof b3d "asloko w7shtony awy" wkol ely m3ah sewar lelworkshop ygbha m3ah 3shan ntbadel elsewar ... ok
wnfker fe souvenirs momken nb3tha lelgroup el2lmany ... :)

1 comment:

HopiZ said...

It's really a nic chance to meet, and exchange the pics.
isa at the time i'll be there.
wait for me
Heba Moo'nis