Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'll miss YOU!

The trip is over in Egypt. I can't express all what I've felt through this wonderful time, I can only say that I've enjoyed it to the most. The German students and students studying there from alot of other countries were really great, working with them in El-max area and just hanging out with them in all of those places we visited was such a beautiful experience I'm really looking forward to repeat again.
I hope that each one of the group writes his own experience either in a post or in a comment which I will publish in a seperate post with his name titled, the e-mails of the whole group is already written i guess, as soon as I get them I will invite all to join this blog. Amani talked about a project where we can all contribute by a drawing, a text or anything else to document this trip, I hope that all of this would be avaliable in posts like this on this blog.
I'd like to thank Prof. Heba and Assistant (PhD Student) Amani for organizing this trip, really appreciated, Thanks to Prof. Heggar for his advices and for his wonderful lecture at the BA. Thanks to Laura and Franziska for their amazing presentation about the beautiful city of Darmstadt which I wanna visit along with alot of other places in Germany in the future, I hope so :). And a big thanks to all of the group for being so friendly, cheerful all of the time and for all the things we've done together here in Egypt.

Picture above by: Julia in:Sekem Farm

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mega said...

alslamo 3likom
iam really missed them all ...