Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Alslamo alikom!
Thank you so much for this nice blog.
I am really happy that now we have platform to talk to each other and exchange our picutres. Yesterday I showed my fotos to my family, they all were very jealous!! It took me more than 1 and a half hour to show all pictures to them! Because of that I rememberd all the trip again.
I really want to thank all of you for that expearience.
And of course, I hope to see you again as soon as possible!
Yours, Jessica
(About this picture I laughed most, I was really scared when the camel removed from the ground! :-))


SaLmAn said...

Al salam alekom
welcome at the blog may be that decrease the missing i hae...but...dont know just hope u be fine and hope ur familly liked us all..any way take care of urself and we will wait more picture from u

HeavensKeeper said...

"guten Tag Jessica"
Wellcome in our humble group
We really miss u so much
"Wie geht's?" now in Germany
I would like U to "viel Spaß" in this bog
we would like to hear from u all

auf Wiedersehen

noha said...

hi jessica,
i miss you sooooooooooooooooo much
hope to hear from you again dear

Mido said...

I'm really glad to see your post in the blog here Jessica :)
and a very warm welcome to all the people who accepted the invitation and joined the blog already.
I hope you're all doing well.
be happy, and like Julia said to me in the end; always remember how good it is that we've met in the first place and how nice it was to be together for this period of time.

ami said...

hie jesicca
me too i really glad to see your comment in this blog really i miss you to much jesica and i miss you all and miss you julia to much too
your's amira

eslam said...

my darling , jessica
I miss u soooooooooooooooooooo
much & each one of your group
& I hope see you

nermine said...

we all miss you so much
i hope you ll be able to come to us again so we can continue the arabic alphabetics
by the way i had the same fear on the camel and a similar photo too

mega said...

alslamo 3likom
jessica ....
enty amla eh ?
hope that u r in agood health & having agood time with ur family & ur friends
i was very glad when i saw ur post & i hope to see the others posts
i like the picture ... :)
really miss u ... my team member
hope to see u again sooon