Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thank You too ! :(

Al salam alekom
that picture was the beginning....
and the below postes was the end feelings....
Thank u.... thank u for every momment the smil draw in our faces
Thank u for every information we gained
thank u for all the time we got togeather....
i returned to my home .... cryed... lost... sad.. upset... no that was not the feeling...i dont know what is that feeling!!! ... do u know when some one love some thing in less than one week?!! and suddenly that thing took from u....its hard !! i dont know. i went to home and i felt some thing stolen from me... slept and woke up... telling my familly all the stories i did...and how much Dear Dr.Heba tired at that three weeks
thank u Dr.Heba for every thing u did.. my mother pray for u so so much... May ALLAH bless u
and i told them every thing i did and every one with its chracter even u Fransezka when u Always smile .. and Loura when she sed OOOOOHHH.... NOR el Hoda when she say Fokak meni ... and Adji when he call Trong... and u trong when u was discuss any thing... and the Butterfly which always quite..Julia the lovley face.. Lissa and the smoke.. Jessica and her feelings Jouhaness and his Wisdome..Janen ..se ren and every body... i dont wanna forgot some one....Oh ofcurse ISLAM ADEL AND SHADI AND AZA my parent pray for u alot take care of ur selfs ...and every one with his doings... Oh ALLAH i miss u ALL.... Noha i missd ur tears that time.. but i know u ..always have a clear great heart...
have a lot to say.. but i cant express... sorry for my english...i dont know why now my eyes full of tears.... please all... just take care and

Islam Adel,Aza Alkadi,Amani Badr,Laura Blaufuss,Sophia Garbe,Janine Ghali,Franziska Hartmann,Nurol Hoda Hashemi,Enaam Jarjis,Doris Hegger,Johannes Hegger
Prof. Manfred Hegger,Julia Jorns,Carolin-Tess Kallepally,Jessica Lahmann,Elham Massuod,Lisa Menje,Franciscus Xaverius Priadji,Se-Rin Shin,Sabine Stark,Lei Tao,Phuoc Trung Tran,Schady Zahran,Alma Zi
Yours Mahmoud Salman
not salem Jessica

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mega said...

alslamo 3likom
just like all u said salman
it's only two weeks ... but i feel that my life ended with this two weeks ... i'm not joking ...
i can't get all of them out of my head , i can't do anything in my graduation project or in my work or anything else in my life ...
really really missed them all