Monday, March 05, 2007

visit to elmax in 22-02-2007

alslamo 3likom
ahln bekom gme3n men tany
dy sewar ziaret elmax yoom el7'amees 22-02-2007
kan yoom lazeez bas 2sw2 7aga feh eny la2eet elcamera byza
bas elmkan henak gameel gdan isa hy3gbkom awy

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sarah said...

wow...i wonder if "wow" is enough to express the feelings i had when i saw the photos...i can't wait to go there...can't beleive i'll be working there either...
i used to wonder why the people from gudran still stay in the place that much..but i knew...
i think we should envy the people living there...
i almost smell the sea from here ;)
so excited,
c u all 2mz