Monday, March 26, 2007

I miss you,

I miss you,
It is over ….our days together is over with all the joy we had, I can not make you guys out of my mind , today and the day before all I talked about is you .
Before I went to sleep I begin to remember seeing the stars with Sara and Julia, my short conversation with Trong ,listening to Firus with Heba, every details I had with you I keep it in heart and I will never forget because it is one of my best days ever and I have a hope to see you again, if only I can freeze this time and make it last forever but not all we want ,we take
These days makes me more and more closer from many people not from the German group only but also from my colleagues like Sara and Heba although it makes me faraway from people I thought they were my friends.
I want to thank all of you and my beloved prof.Heba (I feel as you one of my friends…my closer friends)
I feel sorry because I did not have much time to know all you better, Thank you Julia for give a chance to be your friend and I miss your camera Ashi
( I am sorry if there something wrong in the spelling of names)


Hebafadl said...

very sweet words from a very sensitive person

HopiZ said...

wow noa. it was ana amazing word, makig me felling sorry for finishing our time .
but im sure that there will be more days, and times, and relations, will come again

mega said...

alslamo 3likom
klamk mo3ber gedan wwasf kol ely e7na 3yzeen n2oolo ...
bgd ana moftaked elnas dy gdn wmesh 3aref a3mel ay 7aga la felmshroo3 wala fe sho3'ly wala fe 7ayaty ... wbtklm m3ahom felbeet belenglish ...
bgd bgd ana moftkdhom gdn ...
atmna lw ygm3na alah m3ahom tany fe yoom men el2yam ... isa

ami said...

hey noha really nice word from wonderful persone
i wasnt with you in siwa,i hope that i went with you but from your story you and heba and telling about the trip i fell that i was with you in evry place
i remember the last workshop in hand do you remember when we finished this workshop and we was unhappy because that we will not meet evry day like the day of workshop and when we began this workshop and we meet evry day that and agianthis workshop was finshed i want to say that heba say is true that we will be more day and time and relation will come agin
really i know more information about architect from this workshops but the most important that discovered a lot of friend really friend and best friend really it was nice workshop and nice day and the best wonderful people