Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ان شاء الله نلتقى يوم الجمعة فين وامتى مش ده المهم طبعا

المهم كل مجموعة تجيب معاها ملف بور بوينت لعرض الفكرة التصميمية التى قاموا بتسليمها

على ان تحتوى الشريحة الاولى على اسماء اعضاء المجموعة

والله الموفق لما فيه خير البلاد والعباد

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Amani said...

Hi everybody,
As I told you before, we are preparing a report of the study trip. This report will cover all parts of the trip: our program in Cairo, the workshop in Alexandria, and the trip to Siwa. The students from Germany have already chosen a subject for this report (see below). I would like to invite the Egyptian group as well to participate in this report (students, assistants, etc.). All kinds of contributions are welcome (texts, drawings, cartoons, etc.) and all languages are accepted (English, Arabic, German, etc.). Please send your contributions to my e-mail address ( till Sunday, April 8th.

Topics already chosen:
_ Desert (desert in general and Safari in Siwa)
_ Pyramids
_ Siwa
_ Egyptian night entertainment
_ First impressions (first days in Egypt)
_ Means of transportation in Cairo / in Egypt
_ Manshiet Nasser – El-Azhar Park
_ Workshop (working together with Egyptian students)
_ Workshop (workshop description)
_ Evenings in Alexandria, Bedouins’ life
_ Earth buildings (Wissa Wassef Art Center, earth house in El-Mansoureya, Workshop “Building with Rammed Earth”)
_ Islamic houses (El-Suhaymi House und Gayer Anderson Museum)
_ Egypt: Mentality – Culture
_ Sekem
_ Egyptian food

Suggestions for other subjects:
_ Reports about all other destinations (Khan El-Khalily, Mokattam Mountain (quarry, Samaan Monastery), mosques (Ibn Tulun Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque, Mohamed Aly Mosque, Amr Ibn El-As Mosque), Old Cairo (Coptic Cairo), New and Renewable Energy Authority, Housing and Building Research Center, City Stars Mall, seightseeing tour in Alexandria, Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
_ Meeting with Soheir Farid und Dr. Dalila El-Kerdany in El-Azhar Park (or more general: different architects / people we met (Adel Fahmy (earth house), Hany El-Miniawy (cultural center in Manshiet Nasser), staff of the cultural center, Seif El-Rashidy (lecture at El-Azhar Park), Dr. Dina Shehayeb and Dr. Mohamed Abdel Razek (Housing and Building Research Center), Wael Sabry and Dr. Sherif El-Gohary (Workshop Building with Rammed Earth), Selim Ibing (Sekem), Team of Gudran, etc.
_ lectures / presentations
_ Gudran (or more general: social projects (Wissa Wassef Art Center, cultural center in Manshiet Nasser, etc.))
_ personal experiences or impressions
_ any comments
_ any other subject