Sunday, April 22, 2007

Party at Darmstadt University

Thank you very much for your video. It came just in time. We know very well how busy you were during the last time and appreciate very much that you did it.

The party was very nice. Here are some photos.

Egyptian food: Konafa, Baqlawa, Koshary and Siwa dates...

...Falafel, wine leaves and mango juice

slideshow of the trip

exhibition of projects and photos of the trip

and finally some familiar faces.


SaLmAn said...

thanks for shareing that things
please pray for the 3th year... the graduation year they r to busy

mega said...

alslamo alikom
i hope that i could be with you in this party ... but
our party will be greater than this one ... hahahahaha :)
hope so,